Aquilla Training originates from the idea that your heart craves wisdom and your mind wants stimulation.

Aquilla Training is a joint venture between Inter Trauma Nexus (NGO/PBO); Aquilla Financial Solutions (FSP), Aquilla Wellness Solutions, Aquilla Advisors and Kailo Institute NPC. These five entities are well known in the community and corporate environment. 

Aquilla Training’s workshops are categorised and verifiable. Although a participant cannot ‘fail’, everyone works through all the material. The online workshops are self-paced, and asynchronous, allowing participants to develop adult learning skills.

Aquilla Training’s Learner Management System (LMS) allows facilitators to verify participation and continuous assessments. After completing a workshop the participants can download their certificates. The certificates have a verifiable QR code allowing employers, professional bodies and sponsors to confirm that the participant completed the specific workshop. The LMS is mobile responsive and HTML5 ready. The LMS presents the content in SCORM packages to participants.

The online workshops and in-person presentations are for you, whether you are:

  • a professional seeking specialised continuing training
  • an employee needing skills to handle workplace issues
  • a caring community member looking for know-how to make a difference
  • a person longing for answers and personal growth

Aquilla Training offers adult education based on the principle of lifelong learning. Lifelong learning focuses on learning that takes place in all contexts in life – formally, non-formally and informally. It includes learning behaviours and obtaining knowledge, skills, understanding, attitudes, values and competencies for personal growth, social and economic well-being, democratic citizenship, cultural identity and employability.

Aquilla Training’s online skills workshops help you to gain the knowledge, skills and abilities required for excellent self-enrichment and career performance. All the skills workshops are based on adult learning theory in a mixed-method format.

Aquilla Training offers scalable and flexible support. The facilitators are available to support participants during the online workshops. Companies and organisations can contract our facilitators for ad hoc support when they need it, without long-term contractual commitment.

Expert and high-level guidance are available for partners and clients, with strategic guidance and support to meet your goals, which is not otherwise accessible. Strategic guidance and support focus on optimising your programmes by improving productivity, employee satisfaction and company outputs. A comprehensive list of topics for talks, presentations and workshops for your company is available on request.

Take a look at Aquilla Training’s offerings and if you are not sure what topic, workshop or service fits your needs, contact us. We will talk it through!

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Practical & applicable skills workshops
  • Skills workshops based on adult learning theory in a mixed-method format
  • Secure payment system
  • No special software needed
  • Self-paced – you can work when it suits your schedule
  • R 400 per 3 to 4-hour workshop
  • Facilitator available for support
  • Certificate downloadable as soon as the workshop is completed
  • Enrolments open 24/7
  • Afrikaans online workshops are available
  • Bespoke workshops for your company – send a training request. Please add your email address and contact number to your correspondence.


You have the opportunity to communicate with us if there is a topic that you want to see on our menu. Please feel free to contact Aquilla Training and will undertake to respond swiftly.


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