All professional people practice their careers based on the foundation of the code of ethics for a professional society. After all, it is the starting point of the calling they pursue. In carrying out daily duties in their workplace, there is a constant need for development. To develop one needs to grow on a personal and professional level.

Since 2017/8 training participants have come from all professional fields. This includes educators, teachers, counsellors, social workers, HR practitioners, business owners, managers, pastors, coaches, community workers, nursing personnel, students at tertiary institutions and police officers. Our participants are typically caring people who are passionate about helping others to heal and grow, while they take care of their wellbeing. Their practices and ministries want quick, effective and lasting results. Most of our clients are eager to learn new skills and ask questions about life, God and themselves, as well as real-life happenings.

You are welcome to attend any workshop, irrespective of your professional or employment status. At the end of each workshop you complete, you will receive a certificate that you can download immediately.

Aquilla Training will continue to offer online and face-to-face training. In the early stages of the year, the emphasis will remain on online training to make personal well-being and professional development as accessible as possible. In light of current economic and social affairs, we decided to keep the price R 400 per workshop. The time to complete a workshop will vary from 3 to 4 hours. Participants will receive a verifiable certificate as well as a workshop overview after completing the final feedback question. This certificate is downloadable and a unique QR allows employers and professional bodies to verify the validity of thereof online.

Professional participants can do workshops for self-study or for CPD points recognition by the professional body where they are registered. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the requirements, the code of ethics and the principles of your chosen professional body to maintain your professional focus and status.

Voluntary associations value the workshop topics which align with the scope of practice of their members, affiliates and associates. They do not require CPD points because they have unique purposes and specific goals within their societies and are not required to be registered with SAQA.

Thank you for choosing Aquilla Training’s workshops to enhance your growth and development.

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