Formal education was traditionally considered the key to success and lifelong job security. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made us more aware that our world is continuously changing. The era we live in demands more adaptability and agility in everything we do.

An individual may start working in a position based on their formal qualifications. As time goes by, their other human skills are essential for career progression. Their human skills allow them to be promoted or deployed into different roles, or to start new ventures.

Today’s society requires that people upskill and be equipped with the knowledge and know-how for their various roles. The experiences we had during the COVID-19 pandemic proved how important it is for Christian Pastoral Counsellors all over the world to specialize in more than a single field of expertise. These counsellors had to help people with grief, illness, suffering and shockingly high levels of domestic violence.

Kailo Training Institute undertakes to provide training that fulfils the upskilling needs of adults who have formal qualifications as well as for those who don’t have a formal qualification. The training will enhance your development through University accredited, non-secular, year programmes and post-graduate opportunities in Christian Pastoral Counselling. Read more and download the brochure.


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