Personal and Professional Reflection Survey 2023

Preparing to complete a training cycle and positioning new courses for the year to come is a very exciting time at Aquilla Training. There are so many requests and possibilities that we anticipate that 2024 will be a wonderful year filled with growth and thriving.

Our participants are typically caring people who are passionate about helping others to heal and grow, while they take care of their own wellbeing. In their practices and ministries, they want quick, effective and lasting results. Most of our clients ask questions about life, God and themselves, as well as real-life happenings. However, we can’t assume to know exactly what you need without asking your input.

As a respected participant in the online and face-to-face training Aquilla Training presented, your opinion matters. We acknowledge your dedication to personal wellbeing and professional development motivates your career growth, while you are making a difference wherever you go.

As we prepare for a dynamic training season in 2024, your feedback is of vital importance to us. This survey offers you a platform to voice your professional perspectives, needs, and requirements. Your participation will directly influence Aquilla Training’s future initiatives, ensuring they are aligned with your needs and those of the broader community.

If you haven’t attended any of Aquilla Training’s workshops but would like to join in and attend in future, you are welcome to also share your views in this survey.

Your feedback will remain confidential. We will only request your email and cell phone number if you want feedback. Please allow 10 minutes of your time to reflect on our current bouquet of training workshops and share your thoughts.

Thank you in advance for your valuable input. As a token of appreciation participants who complete the whole survey will be eligible for a R 50- discount on the next workshop they enrol for from November 2023 to February 2024. The discount is not transferable and can’t be exchanged for cash. Terms and conditions will apply. You will be notified telephonically to confirm how to use the discount.

Kind regards

Rev Wynand Louw & Dr Barbara Louw

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