14 2019 Emotional First Aid

Emotional First Aid for trauma responders, pastors and counsellors helps normal, healthy people to bounce back from the shock and stress of abnormal events faster and more completely. They will be able to identify more serious problems and get help before it becomes an issue. Most responders are aware of the traumatic responses of the people they help, but neglect to take care of their own wellbeing.

Pastors and counsellors are often overwhelmed by their excessive workload, the needs of the people they serve, involvement in traumatic or troubling situations and the lack of control over the tasks they need to perform.

In this workshop, participants will be encouraged to look at their personal and occupational stress in a new way, and take action to stay well at work and in ministry.


Download Prospectus for information about target group, venues accross South Africa and roster for each venue.

Accreditation: CPSC 4 points

Registration opens on 2 January 2019

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