17 2019 Boards and committees

Community members receive many requests to volunteer for committees and or management boards at their churches, schools, NGOs, social clubs, sport clubs or even their workplace social clubs. Since most people want to serve others, they do not think about the impact of volunteering on their person, business or families.

In this practical session we explore every position’s responsibilities and risks that you need to know about and consider before accepting nominations or requests. This workshop will also equip you on how to ensure that you know what you are letting yourselves in for.  

Download Prospectus for information about target group, venues accross South Africa and roster for each venue.

Accreditation: SACE - points pending

Registration opens on 2 January 2019


Please note:

Due to the importance of this workshop for Boards and Committees the facilitators are available to do special sessions for your whole organizational team. Such a session can include a special overview of your constitution and policies effecting your team. The outcomes of such a session are more dedicated and responsible management team, enjoying their participation and commitment in making a tangible difference in your community.

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